* Wink Wink *@Tuesday, November 15, 2011,9:44 PM

Hey! (:

Seeing that O's are over, we should have a gathering soon?
Any suggestions on where we should go and the date etc? :D

Its been a long time since this blog has been updated. We should update it more often, yeah? Anyway,i changed the blogskin. again. :B hehehe. i thought that since we matured, must as well change to a hmm, more mature theme. LOLS.

Meet up soon okays!



@Wednesday, November 10, 2010,6:06 PM


Lets have an outing soon (:
Any ideas on where to go? :x
tagg on the tagboard, alrights!~

Anyws, hoped you guys did well for O's!
though its kinda late alr, HAHAHAHA.
piang ehh, i'm trying to update the blog, but its kinda failing. >:(
HAHAHA. anybody want the pass and user, contact me (:


@Saturday, August 28, 2010,5:48 PM

Heyya 6Cians. (: here are some pics i found (:
remember those wonderful times?
happy viewing and laughing :D

hmm, this is some bakery class, if i'm not wrong. hahahas. look at how interested we are when it comes to food :P

Outing to Little India ! :D it appears that not all of us were listening, ehh?

Out come the shoes, and in we go :D to the mosque or something. for prayers, i think :X

laughing and chatting on the way~

CYRUS, wanna buy raw food ahh? AHAHAHAHA :D
he's looking real intently at it . ;hoho

CheeWai another one. Aspiring to be a house man :P hahahas. wanna buy fish :P


jackfruits anyone? HAHA .

OMG, this has got to be the most unglam pic ever! HAHAHAHA. gosh, cheewai

i have no idea where we are, but yeah. (:

Ride at NEWater if i'm not wrong :X


another one (:

thats all. i guess (:

just thought of updating our blog (: hardly anyone comes here now.



@Tuesday, August 24, 2010,3:05 PM

heyy people(:
Teacher day's here again! Anyone wanna go back to pcps? We can meet up and catchup or something (:

Blog's finally updated, yeah? Haha. Hope everyone's doing swell in school :D meet up soon, yo (:


Thanks for coming@Tuesday, December 15, 2009,10:14 PM

Words of Thanks

Woo~ The Get-together was fun, wasn't it.

Well I did hear alot of laughter from WeiCheng and Thor's side. So Must Be luh... :)

Well, AS PROMISED TO JOHN THOR, I may get the photos developed for all :)

Sorry to Winny and Christina since they left early!!! :O

I think Jason and I will get the first one developed :)

Heightphobic Cyrus. Suffering much? :D

Credits to Jason for photos :) the middle one is him btw!

I dont care, I just like this ^o^

Food cooked by us ! :D


Much thanks to the organising committee :)

Much thanks to helpers:


It was nice to have you guys helping :)

:O did i leave out anyone!? please tell me! =)

Thanks to Yuru's maid for helping us cook Beehoon and frying the nuggets! :)

Much thanks to people who went :

1) Chijao

2) DaoShen

3) Christina

4) Weicheng

5) Vinita

6) Cyrus

7) Winny

8) Jeremy

9) John Thor

10) Sherlyn

11) Kaiyin

12) JianZhi

13) Jason

14) Amos

15) ZuoHeng

16) Jingwen

17) YanShan

18) Yuru

Without all of you, we won't have so much fun in a day! :D

We had fun in the sun! ~ :D Hope you guys got some TAN back
(not Thor though...and Amos :< )

Please click here to browse for photos of the gathering by Jason

Thanks and Happy Holidays! :>

Shanga :]

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